Do615 Feature: Kirsten Arian’s Boss Lady List

Sought after for her songwriting skills and powerful voice, it's no wonder Kirsten Arian's talents were brought in to coin the anthem for The LEGO Batman Movie's character Batgirl. Her first song featured in a film, "Invincible" evokes confidence and togetherness in her electronic pop style- have a listen below!

"Invincible" by Kirsten Arian Announced From The LEGO Batman Movie Soundtrack

You may not have heard of Kirsten Arian yet, but, trust me, you will soon.” - MTV

…soul-pop vocalist Kirsten Arian is a Queen…the silky singer-songwriter is about to explode Top 40… - Popdust

GIRL.CAN.SING! - iHeartRadio’s 107.5 The River

“…The gift is not only her voice, but her ability to capture the intangible in a new way…”
- Lightning 100: Nashville’s Independent Radio